Have you ever met someone that you know for a fact you’ll never forget?

Someone, a girl, a boy, anyone that you once loved and thought you’d stopped loving but as soon as you see them again you’re overcome with everything you’ve ever felt. They’re the person that you would drop everything for. You’d do anything they asked even if you didn’t agree or if it hurt you.

They’re the girl that got away or the girl next door, for cliche’s sake. They’re the person you don’t remember not having feelings for. They’re the person that makes you believe in love.

And when they hold you, in that hug; a hug of desperate sadness, when they pull you so tight you forget where you end and they begin. When they pull you in because they miss you and you stand there simply holding each other in a hug that doesn’t want to end. You create a time anomaly as you hold each other there. As tight as anything. And you know as they hold you you’ll go home and write about it, because they inspire you to write. They make you believe the things you need to to write.


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