To begin, this is several weeks late. In Haley’s world this is several years late. So for that I apologise. I apologise for my tardiness dear sweet sister, I have failed you in my promptness with this message but hopefully it will be honest and loving and warm enough to stop you from hitting my in the balls and biting my fingers.

To continue I would like to say some things about my sister. She’s an odd little human who has brown hair and brown eyes and a round little face and a round little nose. She has chubby cheeks that are always filled with rosiness and she’s almost always looking either exhausted or happy. She doesn’t have any idea what to do with her life and instead of understanding that that’s how everyone on earth feels she decides to single herself out as the only person who can never make a decision and who is never right.

Haley is obviously wrong. Very very wrong. She could not be more wrong is she tried.

So here I will try to placate Haley’s nerves. Haley no one in any place knows what they are doing with their life. No one know’s how to make decisions. We all just pretend that we can. that’s the big lie of the world. The false pretence that you’re meant to know what you’re doing. All the adults all the school children all of everyone is all just pretending and hoping they’re pretending well enough to convince everyone else that they know what they’re doing.

Do not worry about selecting subjects, I trust that whatever you choose will challenge you and enlighten you and make you smarter. I trust that you will choose what you’re interested in and along the way you will cry and scream in frustration and then you will giggle and cry in celebration.

You will have highs.

You will have lows.

You will have love and heartbreak.

You will have a life that is a crazy winding road and when you look back you probably won’t be able to trace where you’ve been but you’ll know it’ll all have been worth it.

All I know for sure is that through it all I will be by your side.

Accidentally forgetting to call you, or pick you up, or save the snap streak. I promise that I will always and forever be with you, in a computer, or phone, or in my words on my blog or in my smothering hugs filled with love and laughter.

You are precious. So insanely precious to me. You’re the only sister I could ever want and wish for and you’re the only sister I like.

Congratulations on having me as your brother it’s a complete and utter pleasure I’m sure.

I love you dearly sweet sister.

Happy belated birthday, (like really really belated). I hope this is good enough, if it isn’t I’m sure you’ll call me and yell at me.

In the immortal words of a very wise man (boy): Believe in yourself, we all do.


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